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Welcome to our site

We have created this website to inform people about what it takes to protect our icon - the kiwi. 

We want to share our success and progress; and we want to raise awareness about the icon New Zealander's connect with.   

Come with us on our journey to grow the small population of Coromandel brown kiwi at Te Mata on the Thames Coast, Coromandel

The Thames Coast community are working towards sustaining and growing a small population of Coromandel brown kiwi on the Thames Coast by protecting  juvenile kiwi  from predators.  This long term project will also enhance other bird populations.

A  grid of 541 DOC200 traps has been installed over 2500ha.  The traps are targeting stoats and weasels and are visited and cleaned 16 to 18 times a year by a band of committed  volunteers. The community hope that the call of the kiwi will one day be common-place again.

If you need more information, go here or contact us by e-mail at

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